Non-Championship Divisions

Women’s Freestyle


A non-championship division, intended to encourage more women to join competitive yoyoing. Women also compete in all championship divisions. This is a 2-minute freestyle.


Trick Exhibition


A non-championship division for players to introduce risky or unique new tricks and play concepts. This is not a choreographed freestyle. Players may use this to showcase tricks in non-standard styles such as Double Dragon, Moebius, Magnet, Sword Dancer, etc.

Over-40 Freestyle


A non-championship division for players aged 40 and older. Freestyles are 2 minutes long, and players may choose from any style of play.

About Women’s and Over-40 Freestyle

Yo-Yo is a sport which is not affected by the contestant’s gender, age or physical strength. There are many former National and World Champions who are women or were over 40-50 when they won the title. Today, there are increasingly more women and players from older generations all over the world.

However, the number of women, or older yo-yo players are still very few compared to young men. These Freestyle events are designed to spotlight and showcase the talent of those who may be a minority in the community for now, but definitely deserve to be seen and amaze the audience on stage.

Competition Format

Only players 40 years old or older can compete in OVER-40 FREESTYLE (Must be born on August 5, 1976 or earlier)

Only women can compete in WOMEN’S FREESTYLE

2 minute freestyle

Player may choose their own music

Player must choose one style among 1A-5A

Scoring rules are the same as 1A-5A

Evaluation categories will be the same as the Semi-Final Round of 1A-5A

We will adjust/normalize the clicker score difference among styles with a coefficient.

* Winning this freestyle event does not make the winner a “Yo-Yo World Champion.” Therefore, the contestants in this event are also welcome to compete in 1A-5A to aim for a World Title.

Normalization Among Different Styles

To eliminate the difference of raw clicker number among different styles, we will multiply the sum of positive and negative clickers of each judge with the following value.

1A – 1.00
2A – 0.92
3A – 0.94
4A – 1.00
5A – 1.66

These values are calculated from the scores of the WYYC2015 Finals Top 5.


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