Blazing Team

BLAZING TEAM begins as a mysterious darkness rises over Union City, where teens Parker, Scott, Maddie, Wilson and Johnny reside. These ordinary teens are about to recognize the extraordinary capabilities they have within, when Yo Kwon Do master Lao Shi—with his pet duck Taco—takes them under his wing to collectively combat the growing darkness. Imparting his infinite wisdom, Lao Shi teaches his new apprentices the awesome power of Yo Kwon Do, a practice that blends the skill of the yo-yo with the power of martial arts.

In each half-hour episode, the teens work together to become the ultimate BLAZING TEAM, following the guiding principle that balance in all things is key to achieving full potential. Thanks to their ongoing training with Lao Shi, these teens-turned-heroes work to stop individuals that have been transformed and infected with shards of darkness. Will they be able to fight off this darkness that threatens to overwhelm their city—and themselves?

BLAZING TEAM kicks off with a two-part premiere on Friday, November 13, 2015 at 6:30 AM and 7 AM (5:30 AM and 6 AM central), with subsequent episodes airing Fridays at 7 AM (6 AM central), only on Discovery Family Channel.

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