Kyos Toys

Kyo Toys started as a small project over 10 years ago. Our aim was to bring manufacturing and design down from the corporations to the players and individuals where we believe it belongs.

That venture was a success and now the ‘independent manufacturers’ have grown from a tiny handful when Kyo Toys started, to countless new companies now.

However, as an industry we have stalled again. Rising costs of manufacturing, industry wide decreased sales, an influx of new (not-so-new) products… these things have led to stagnation in the industry which must be remedied.

It is in this vein that Kyo Toys re-launches from the ground up and attempts to redefine what people expect from a manufacturer. A new idea. A new approach. A new revolution. It is time for change; it is time to see what can be done on the outermost edges of design and technology.

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