Monthly Throw

Each month, The Monthly Throw ships a select Yo Yo mystery box of the best quality from the best companies. We emphasize phenomenal support and content, and include throws from some of the most respected skill toy companies in the world.

The Monthly Throw was founded in 2016 by the owners of a small Board Game shop (Ryan, Ryan & Tyler) in Woodbury NJ called Tiki Tiki games.

Early in 2013 a young man named AJ Kirk came a calling offering to host a YoYo club in our shop, we said “What?”.  About a month later we started carrying YoYos and hosting club with my son Gabe as the first member. Since that time our club has grown and we have a an amazing group that attends Tiki Tiki Yo Yo Club regularly (meets every Saturday at 4pm if you are in town).

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