YO-YO USA, run by Zac Rubino (2014 US National Yo-Yo Champion in the 4A/Offstring Division) in Chico, CA, considers it our mission to connect North America with other parts of the world through yo-yoing. YO-YO USA originally began in 2007 as a small yo-yo store run through eBay. It has, since being acquired by Yo-Yo Store REWIND in 2014, evolved into its own web store with a full selection of yo-yos and yo-yo accessories, and currently ships to the U.S. and Canada. Both REWIND and YO-YO USA value spreading the enjoyment of yo-yo by serving new customers and beginner yo-yo players, as well as offering the best assistance to current players of all skill levels from intermediate to pro. We are here to support a life with yo-yo by providing you with everything necessary to enjoy your yo-yo experience.

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