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YoYoSam is a yoyo and skill toy retailer dedicated to spreading the love of yoyos, kendama, and other skill toys far and wide. With an extensive webstore plus a retail location near Pittsburgh, PA, YoYoSam is a one-stop shop for all your yoyo and skill toy needs!

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Greater Cleveland Sports Commission

The Greater Cleveland Sports Commission is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization governed by a committed group of trustees representing some of the region's most esteemed private, public and nonprofit institutions. The organization currently has 13 full-time staff overseeing business development, marketing, communications, fundraising and event management. The Sports Commission is funded by contributions from the board of trustees, and annual benefit - the Greater Cleveland Sports Awards, fees from a partnership with the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, revenue earned from events, foundations and public support from Cuyahoga County and the City of Cleveland. Refounded in 2000, the Sports Commission has been directly responsible for attracting, creating and/or managing over 160 sporting events and activities to the Greater Cleveland area, generating more than $410 million in economic activity.


YoYoExpert believes that the yo-yo is more than just a toy - it is a tool that can be used in life for an unlimited amount of possibilities. You will find yourself meeting new people, sharing tricks, teaching others, and feeling an amazing sense of accomplishment as you learn and perfect the many tricks that make yo-yoing what it is today. At YoYoExpert.com you will find all the information you need to go from beginner to expert. Have a question? Get answers at their public forums and check out their blog for news in the yo-yoing world!


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Kyos Toys

Kyo Toys started as a small project over 10 years ago. Our aim was to bring manufacturing and design down from the corporations to the players and individuals where we believe it belongs. That venture was a success and now the ‘independent manufacturers’ have grown from a tiny handful when Kyo Toys started, to countless new companies now. However, as an industry we have stalled again. Rising costs of manufacturing, industry wide decreased sales, an influx of new (not-so-new) products… these things have led to stagnation in the industry which must be remedied. It is in this vein that Kyo Toys re-launches from the ground up and attempts to redefine what people expect from a manufacturer. A new idea. A new approach. A new revolution. It is time for change; it is time to see what can be done on the outermost edges of design and technology.

Blazing Team

BLAZING TEAM begins as a mysterious darkness rises over Union City, where teens Parker, Scott, Maddie, Wilson and Johnny reside. These ordinary teens are about to recognize the extraordinary capabilities they have within, when Yo Kwon Do master Lao Shi—with his pet duck Taco—takes them under his wing to collectively combat the growing darkness. Imparting his infinite wisdom, Lao Shi teaches his new apprentices the awesome power of Yo Kwon Do, a practice that blends the skill of the yo-yo with the power of martial arts. In each half-hour episode, the teens work together to become the ultimate BLAZING TEAM, following the guiding principle that balance in all things is key to achieving full potential. Thanks to their ongoing training with Lao Shi, these teens-turned-heroes work to stop individuals that have been transformed and infected with shards of darkness. Will they be able to fight off this darkness that threatens to overwhelm their city—and themselves? BLAZING TEAM kicks off with a two-part premiere on Friday, November 13, 2015 at 6:30 AM and 7 AM (5:30 AM and 6 AM central), with subsequent episodes airing Fridays at 7 AM (6 AM central), only on Discovery Family Channel.


Our portfolio of brands appeals to both boys and girls across a wide range of ages. There’s something for everyone, and much more on the horizon! We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Alpha (Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture Co., Ltd), one of the largest and most successful animation, toy and entertainment groups in Asia. Founded in 1993, Alpha has grown by leaps and bounds and established itself as a pioneer in the toy and entertainment industries globally. Our state-of-the-art design, manufacturing and animation facilities deliver unparalleled innovation and animation content, providing a strong foundation for our toys and licensed products. Our mission is to provide engaging entertainment experiences, linking superior animation content with high quality toys and games for kids and their parents.


YO-YO USA, run by Zac Rubino (2014 US National Yo-Yo Champion in the 4A/Offstring Division) in Chico, CA, considers it our mission to connect North America with other parts of the world through yo-yoing. YO-YO USA originally began in 2007 as a small yo-yo store run through eBay. It has, since being acquired by Yo-Yo Store REWIND in 2014, evolved into its own web store with a full selection of yo-yos and yo-yo accessories, and currently ships to the U.S. and Canada. Both REWIND and YO-YO USA value spreading the enjoyment of yo-yo by serving new customers and beginner yo-yo players, as well as offering the best assistance to current players of all skill levels from intermediate to pro. We are here to support a life with yo-yo by providing you with everything necessary to enjoy your yo-yo experience.


4-time world champion, seven-time Asian Games champions, brand inaugurated Hiroyuki Suzuki won the Japan champion of 4 degrees in 2012. Sports, toys, has proposed a product captured collection items ... a variety of ways to enjoy the "yo-yo" and stylish items. It has developed a wide range of line-up to cover from beginner for the first time play the yo-yo to the core layer having a top skill. Many of the world champion in the competition scene, the Asian champion, has created a national champion, belongs to the top players the team in each country. In addition, releases and collaboration model of the musicians and apparel brand that does not remain in the yo-yo industry, such as the holding of the event, "Something World" to organize the world, always stimulating hot the scene.


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We are professional YoYo manufacturer from China, started in April,2012. Our yoyos are thrown all over the world. Wonderful anodization, excellent design, low price. We’ll do our best to advance the yoyo community.


I took the risk, got a full time job and maxed out a few credit cards. I just wanted these yoyos to exist so badly in the most genuine way. That is how Luftverk came to be.


Sengoku is a yoyo brand based in Nagakute,Aichi, Japan, the idea is to make high performance bi-metal yoyos. *Free shipping everywhere. The name "Sengoku" is a period in Japanese history marked by near-constant military conflict that. It came to an end when all political power was unified under the shogunate. The yoyos will have the name of the most important rulers of the Samurai clans involved in that period.


Yomega Corp. is based in Seekonk, Massachusetts. We create finely engineered yo yo's and skill toys. Our goal is to introduce the fun of yo-ing to the youngest players and to provide yo-yos that extend through play levels to the competition arena. Yo-ing is a fast paced sport that changes daily and Yomega is newly committed to staying on the cutting edge.

Monthly Throw

Each month, The Monthly Throw ships a select Yo Yo mystery box of the best quality from the best companies. We emphasize phenomenal support and content, and include throws from some of the most respected skill toy companies in the world. The Monthly Throw was founded in 2016 by the owners of a small Board Game shop (Ryan, Ryan & Tyler) in Woodbury NJ called Tiki Tiki games. Early in 2013 a young man named AJ Kirk came a calling offering to host a YoYo club in our shop, we said “What?”.  About a month later we started carrying YoYos and hosting club with my son Gabe as the first member. Since that time our club has grown and we have a an amazing group that attends Tiki Tiki Yo Yo Club regularly (meets every Saturday at 4pm if you are in town).

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YoYoNews is a news blog filled with yo-yo and skill toy related news for yo-yo enthusiasts around the world. Operated by National YoYo Master Steve Brown with an all-star roster of contributing writers, YoYoNews is the premiere site for all yoyo-related news and event information. YoYoNews is provided as a service to the yoyo community by YoYoExpert.com.


YoYoBESTBUY.com is owned and operated by Johnnie Delvalle (JD) 2003 Regional, National and World YoYo Champion. YoYoBESTBUY was started so that the best quality yoyos could be shared from our west coast location to across the world. We are very active in the yoyo community and run two of the most prestigious contests in the country, the Bay Area Classic and the California State YoYo Championships. We stay on top of the latest products and developments in yoyoing to provide only the finest in quality and service. JD’s personal goal is to only sell what he would personally play with and products he believes in, we filter through all the bad stuff to only give you the cream of the crop.

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